Monday, 1 February 2010

The Victorians: Round 2

Hmm, in the Evening Standard today there was a whole article on the trend that is called 'Steampunk' which I thought was very interesting. Steampunk is the new victorian based trend that has taken the world in its firm industrially revolutionalised grip and involves everything that is tweed, dapper and optimistic. Although it's more of a life-style based movement than simply a fashion movement, it has a distinctly British air that I think fits the current climate. In light of this new trend I have to say that I am all for it. Bring on the impossibly complex dresses, austere tailoring and preppy tweed. To hell with tracksuit bottoms and sloppy t-shirts, I want my dress to take a day to put on and five to take off, have floor sweeping hems and wear cute little ornaments in my up-swept hair. Granted, only rich people dressed like this in the actual Victorian era, but hey, in this modern day and age you can get away with wearing almost anything. So, like I already said, bring it on!

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