Saturday, 6 February 2010

Fashion is Art

I was having a conversation with my fiance and Dad the other day about fashion shows. Neither of them can understand why the catwalk is the hot bed for trends when a lot of the outfits are quite outlandish. I replied to this by saying that the reason catwalk shows are so amazing is BECAUSE they're so out there. Most people do not look at what is on the runway and think 'yes, I must go out right now and buy the gigantic crystal-studded shoulder pads by Manish Arora and wear it into the office'. But that is the whole point. Catwalks are for show - they are where art is created and performed. Many catwalk shows are a gallery for artists to exhibit their work, and as far as I'm concerned, this is exactly how it should be. Zany outfits in a fashion shoot aren't necessarily designed to be every-day-wear but it is still the place where the high street trends are set. For example, there were a lot of bright tribal and almost cyber prints showcased for 2010s s/s collection, and as a result, bold prints have hit the high street with a vengeance. So, feel free to oggle at what's on the catwalk and appreciate it for what it is - a work of art that will slowly influence the way you dress yourself.

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