Friday, 26 February 2010

First one of the season

Okay, so life has been pretty hectic for me this week, between doing uni work, doing actual work and trying to fit in what I enjoy doing around those two things.

Somewhere along the line I have managed to make one of the first pieces of clothing in what I like to think of as my s/s line (it's not really, it's just a few summery pieces of clothing that I have managed to think up and would like to get around to making at some point). So, in celebration of my actually acheiving doing something productive with my time, I thought I'd upload a couple of pics of the dress in question.

The pictures aren't that good because:
1, I'm in them, and
2, they were taken with my phone because I'm not, as of yet, an owner of a decent camera.

Oh yeah, and please excuse my hideous VPL in the picture of the back of the dress - I wasn't wearing the right underwear for this impromptu photoshoot.

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