Thursday, 4 February 2010

These boots are made for walking

I was in Lakeside shopping centre yesterday and I noticed just how many girls (and even guys actually) were wearing the type of flat, lace up ex-military or even victoriana boots that come from shops like All Saints. In fact, it's not even just girls from Romford out that are wearing them, even wandering around my uni campus and the centre of London the last few days I saw loads of girls sporting the look along with cute little dresses or distressed looking jeans. Personally, I've always loved those type of boots - they really do look good with loads of outfits - but recently I've developed more of a penchant for Doctor Martens. They're tougher looking and more hard wearing, and who doesn't want a pair of boots that you can get in almost any colour under the sun? I'm aiming to buy a pair of patent red ones next...

Off the All Saints website

Off a site called The Girl in Stripes

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