Friday, 15 January 2010

Knee-high boots + jeans = chav

Okay, so this is my first blog (if you hadn't already realised by the many posts I have written, or the lack there of) and to be honest it's a little bit of an intimidating project.

For the purpose of this said blog, I will be known as Peachy, and peachy I shall be. I come from the chavvy-er part of London: the East End, and although recently a few really good vintage and thrift stores have began to pop up, the East End is relatively well known for it's, ahem, more "common" type of fashion.

Which conveniently leads me on to my next topic: knee-high boots and jeans. Due to the particularly pants weather London has had over the last few weeks, boots have been a staple piece of clothing (if footwear counts as clothing that is), which is of course understandable. No one wants to fall on their arse while trying to get to the shop, right? However, adverse weather conditions does not mean that any type of footwear/legwear ensemble is acceptable. There are plenty of combinations I could pick on at the minute, like wedged boots with fur and laces, but the one that really stands out is knee high boots. They look great teamed with a shorter length skirt and thick tights, or a long jumper and leggings, but I just don't like the effect they have on legs when worn with jeans. They automatically appear to me to shorten even the longest of legs and make your calves look a thousand times wider than they actually are, especially if their worn with boot cut jeans stuffed into the top of them - it just makes your knees looked deformed! So please, please save the knee highs for skirts, shorts or jumpers and bring out the shoe-boot or cute ankle boots to wear with all things trouserish and denim.

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