Monday, 8 March 2010

Stella McCartney Paris A/W 2010

I was sitting at the bus stop in my way home from work when a newspaper (Evening Standard) sporting pictures of a fashion show caught my eye. Me being as trampy as I am, I proceeded to pick it up and look at what show the pictures were of - Stella McCartney's A/W 10.11 show in Paris. The article suitably whetted my appetite I looked up some pictures of her line on

Now generally, I think Stella McCartney is massively talented and shows off what British fashion is all about, and her A/W line is no different. Full of the fairly muted tones of black, grey and a sort of cream liquer colour, it was shot through with bright fuschias and oranges which broke up the effect and brought some life to it. Many of her ensembles proved very short, thus showing that as Gianluca Longo suggested, you need to have very long, very toned legs to pull off the look with justice. Many tailored pieces kept in line with the many designers showcasing deconstructed tailoring in their A/W lines, and overall gave the show an almost austere tone - although this was spiced up somewhat by the bright colours and playful dresses that also took to the catwalk in her show. All in all, Stella's line is very cute, and despite the short hemlines, could prove to form some of the staple items to hit the highstreet for A/W 10.11.

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