Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Speaking of feeling and looking like crap: I was watching some gossipy celebrity news programme earlier and one of their items for today was that apparently it has become the trend for some photographers to airbrush photos of celebrities, but not to look prettier. It's apparently now common practice to enhance already not-so-hot pictures of celebrities in a way to make them look even worse than they already do, with the argument being that everyone likes to know that celebrities are just people at the end of the day. However, although I can understand this (because who doesn't love the fact that even the waif like Kate Moss would appear to have cellulite), I don't think it's right to further emphasise the traits that celebrities may hate about themselves. I know it sells magazines and whatever, but it's not really fair to make people look bad just so that some people can feel better about themselves. I mean, I'd hate it if someone tried to make me look worse than I already do, wouldn't you?

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