Sunday, 2 May 2010

To fur or not to fur?

I read a private message (thanks William_St_Girl/Gail :-) ) I got on the forum Fashion Spot just now, and it was about a topic I find really interesting in the ethics of fashion. Fur. Is it right to wear it? Is it okay to scarifice innocent animals to look good? Does it make you a bad person if the feel of fur gives you thrills like no other clothing can?

A while ago I was going through my Grandma's cupboard and I came across some of the most beautiful items of clothing I have ever seen/felt. They were a hat and scarf, and unfortunately they were nade of real fur. Now, my Grandma is seasoned enough to have aquired these items before it was somewhat of an issue to own real fur. I, obviously, am of the generation that are scared that they will be kidnapped by the scary PETA extremists if I choose to wear some of the beautiful fur items that are around.

I am an animal lover - I love most creatures big and small, furry and feathered, hoofed and pawed, but I still like fur. Fur was the only type of clothing available for thousands of years, and even when other fabrics were introduced, furs and leathers were still the fabrics to turn to when the weather turned cold and wet. Fur and leather provide the best protection against both of aforementioned factors, it's why the animals have it in the first place. As I eat meat also, I don't see why I shouldn't be able to wear the byproduct of that process sometimes. And if it makes me look good, then so be it.

Now, I don't agree with the very inhumane methods that are maybe used fairly often to acquire fur, but I do still fundamentally like fur. I like the feel of it, and the look of it, and how warm and cosy it is, but i do think it would be amazing if someone, somewhere in the world could develop very real looking and feeling fur that was widely available. However, until that groundbreaking moment arrives, I think people should be able to wear what they want and not be berated for it, after all, it's a free world, right?

Also, the fur look is big in fashion nearly every winter, and it was big at catwalks such as Chanel (who used at least some fake fur, I'm not sure whether it was all fake), and it looks really pretty.




  1. william_st_girl6 May 2010 at 14:31


    Was just checking your blog and seen your post about fur! We are so similar in our views! I agree that fur is just LOVE but yes how we get it can be barbaric if not controlled correctly!

    Thanks for the mention BTW!!!! Glad I inspired you to post on your blog!

    Hope to chat on TFS soon.

    Gail xxx

    PS love your blog BTW!!!

  2. william_st_girl6 May 2010 at 14:38


    Was just checking your blog...which I think is FAB and LOVE your post on Fur... You sum up my thoughts exactly! Why should you not enjoy what you enjoy in fashion without fear of other more extreme people!

    Hope we can chat again soon on TFS.

    Gail AKA William_st_girl

  3. william_st_girl10 May 2010 at 11:16

    Ops... didn't realise the first one had gone through!!!