Friday, 23 April 2010

Summer is finally here...

Okay, so wow, I have not been on here in aaaages and I think that warrants a sorry, and a promise to start trying to write regularly again.

Anyway, the smeel of summer is finally in the air, with everyone stocking up on bikinis and flip flops to bach balls and wooden spades. So far I have managed to wear both a recently purchased playsuit and also a pair of denim shorts out and not be frozen to death. Impressive I think, considering the usual London weather.

On my wish list for this summer is a nice pair of Birkenstocks in white:

I really like the casual, laid back air of summer that Birkenstocks represent to me, plus they are an amazingly comfortable pair of flip-flops. However, as this month I got taxed a fairly large amount of my pay check, and need to spend the rest of my disposable income on actually living, I think I may invest in a truly highstreet version from Primark. They look practically the same, and although they are probably not as well made(nor probably super comfortable for that matter)they only cost four pounds a pair. At that price, I don't care if a wave happens to surprise me and ruin them,or I slip on a rock pool and dunk them in seaweed-y goo, because for four pounds they are disposable.

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