Sunday, 25 April 2010

Straw is hay but thicker...

Today, whilst in Primark's flagship store at Marble Arch, both me and my younger sister bought straw hats. Up until now recently, my view on straw hats was as such: old, frumpy and something my grandma would wear whilst doing the gardening. Don't ask me why that opinion has changed so drastically in the last 2 years, but it has. Straw hats are always a massive trend for the summer because not only do they look very cute in a countrified way, but they also protect you from the sun and aren't stiflingly hot like a cap or other cloth hats. Thus, I decided that the time was ripe for me to invest in a straw hat.

There are many types available in most highstreet stores, styles like tilbys, boaters, cowboy, floppy hats etc. I prefer these types of floppy styles as I think they are really sweet and feminine without being too dorky:


The hat I bought today is really similar to the hat from Topshop, but of course it was only a fraction of the price because it is from Primark. £4 to be precise.

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