Monday, 21 June 2010


White is a brilliant colour, especially for sumer. Okay, it does get dirty ridiculously easily, and yes, any fluff you happen to sit on will inevitably end up being highlighted on your arse, but whatever. Its simple purity, and the feeling of liberty and freedom it conjurs up completely outweighs its obvious bad points. Here are some amazing white ensembles from the catwalks of Spring Summer 2010:

Stella McCartney

Oscar de la Renta

Luca Luca



White's not just a colour for summer though, as Chanel readily proved:

And it's already being seen on the catwalks for Spring Summer 2011:

Oscar de la Renta Resort

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  1. it is a great colour on the catwalk and in the magazines, but practicalities; it gets dirty way too easily and goes see-through when wet lol. therefore; white + beach + sea = disaster hehe